How to play [must read first]

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How to play [must read first]

Post  Volcan on 2/15/2008, 11:09 am

How to play at the lottery corner
1. you make a new post
2. you pick which game you will play and follow its rules.
3. You pick how much money you will wager
4. An admin will state whether you win or not.


  • Slot Machine:
    You put in you're wager [25, 50, or 100] and pull the lever. Someone will come and say what the outcome is and state how much money you get back if you hit anything.

    dice will be used:
    If you hit three of any number, that is a jackpot. [payback odds, 1:36]
    If you hit two of any number [payback odds, 1:6]
    If you get three numbers in a row, example: 1,2,3; [payback odds, 1:10]
    If you get something that adds up to 7, example: 1,2,4 [payback odds, 1:12]

To figure out how much money you can earn, multiply the money you wagered by the second number in the odds.
Example: if you wagered 100 and you hit a jackpot, you get 3600 in return.

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Re: How to play [must read first]

Post  Eeveelution on 2/20/2008, 10:27 am

Hey, I gave you that idea!

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