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Silph Co. Items

Post  Volcan on 1/26/2008, 2:22 am

The Silph Co. is Where genius ideas from the Laboratory are brought to be sold. You may only post in the Lab if you are a Scientist. On the other hand, anybody can come here and buy their inventions.


Safari Ball
The official ball of the Safari Zone. Here, it has a higher catch rate for use against Grass-type and Bug-type pokemon.
price: 800

Net Ball
Has a higher catch rate on Bug and Water Type pokemon.
price: 1000

Nest Ball
Has a higher catch rate on lower leveled pokemon.
price: 1000

Repeat Ball
Has a higher catch rate on a pokemon you have caught before.
price: 1000

Timer Ball
Increases with power for every turn gone by in battle.
price: 1000

Fire Stone
Evolves certain Fire-type pokemon

Evolves certain Electric-Type Pokemon
price: 1500

Water Stone
Evolves certain Water-Type Pokemon
price: 1500

Leaf Stone
Evolves Certain Grass-Type Pokemon
price: 1500

Moon Stone
Evolves Certain Pokemon
price: 1000

Sun Stone
Evolves certain Pokemon
price: 1000

Invented Items:

Happiness Stone
Suggested by Trainer Scott[Eeveelution]
Evolves a Pokemon that evolves by Happiness
price: 1500

[picture pending] Muscle Ball
Suggested by Trainer Kakashi[Anbu Kakashi]
Has a Higher Catch rate on Fighting-type pokemon.
price: 600

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