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Teddy, Epidode 0001

Post  Teddy and Brook on 1/26/2008, 6:54 pm

The morning of March 28th 2004, Teddy awoke realizing today, he would get his first Pokemon and make his First step to becoming a Pokemon Master!! He had already chosen which one, a Charmander...
But Teddy had to do his chores first. He washed the dishes, and dryed them... Did the Laundrey, and fold them. He groomed the Meowth, fed it. He delivered a package to the Post Office, and got some stamps. He grabbed some milk, and potions from the super market. He also washed and dryed the car, and pulled weeds in his garden, at least he got up early....
Teddy lived in Hana City. Teddy rushed over to the Lab to reieve his Charmander, and he did. "Fire" he decide to name it, a little childish among today's standards, but the name stuck... Teddy said goodbye to his mom, who handed him a backpack with 5 Pokeballs, and 1 Fishing Rod. Teddy headed for Route 1...
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