Brook, Episode 0001

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Brook, Episode 0001

Post  Teddy and Brook on 1/26/2008, 6:57 pm

Brook rolled out of bed, happily thinking that today, she would get her first pokemon! She quickly got dressed and rushed down her wing. Oh did I forget to mention? her family was filthy rich. She hated it, she hated the fact that she didn't have to work to get anything. Brook usually snuck past the butlers, but didn't bother this time. She burst out the door, her pre-packed backpack on her back. She ran to The Prof's Lab , and saw the worst thing ever, he wasn't there, instead Prof. Rowan was there, with starter pokemon from sinnoh. Brook loved the fact that she could choose Piplup, and she did, but the fact that her money did it, upset her.
Brook and her new Piplup, were walking down Route 1, without saying goodbye to her family. She didn't have a very good relationship. Brook walked down the path, like alot of trainers, but didn't talk to anyone...
Teddy and Brook

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