Tatsu Region Traveling

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Tatsu Region Traveling

Post  Volcan on 1/26/2008, 1:12 am

To travel from city to Route, just start a new topic as a 'log' of your travels. Just state what place your coming from and what place you're going to.

The Following is the list of cities and Routes that you can travel through.
Hana City [North to Route 1]
Route 1 [North to Yuna City
South to Hana City]
Yuna City [East to Route 2
South to Route 1
North to Route 12 need surf
West to Route 11 need surf]
Route 2 [West to Yuna City
East into Yuna Cave]
Yuna Cave [West out to Route 2
South out into Topaz Town]
Topaz Town [North into Yuna Cave
East into Route 3]
Route 3 [West into Topaz Town
East into Gold City]
Gold City [West into Route 3
South into Route 4]
Route 4 [North into Gold City
South into Midnight Forest]
Midnight Forest [North into Route 4
Center Night City
West into Route 5]
Route 5 [East into Midnight Forest
South into Follerport]
Follerport [North into Route 5
Boat ride to Framburg Island (Short way)
South into Route 6 (Surf only;Long Way)]
Route 6(Water) [North into Follerport
South into Framburg Island]
Framburg Island [North into Route 6 (Surf only)
Boat Ride to Rosenport (short way)
West into Route 7 (Surf only;Long way)]
Route 7(Water) [East into Framburg Island
West into Route 8]
Route 8(Water) [East into Route 7
North into Rosenport]
Rosenport [South into Route 8 (Surf)
North into Route 9]
Route 9 [South into Rosenport
North into Thunder Peak]
Thunder Peak [South into Route 9
Top of Peak: Sky City
East into Route 10]
Route 10 [West into Thunder Peak
East into Geyser County]
Geyser County [West into Route 10
East into Route 11]
Route 11 [West into Geyser County
East into Yuna City]
Route 12 [South into Yuna City
North into Victory Road]
Victory Road [South out into Route 12
North out into Opal Mansion]
Opal Mansion [South into Victory Road]

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